Roxio High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-In

Roxio High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-In 13.5

Gives users the ability to author HD video content on to Blu-ray discs!
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The new, and easy-to-use, High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-in for Creator gives users the ability to author high-definition video content on to Blu-ray discs!
To get you started on your high-def journey, the HD/Blu-ray Disc Plug-in includes 20, high resolution menu styles, covering a wide range of themes from family activities to sports and more.

Take high-def video footage from AVCHD camcorders and create Blu-ray discs and play them on any standard Blu-ray set top box or Playstation® 3 game console.


- Roxio Creator™ 2011 or Creator™ 2011 Pro
- Blu-ray Disc burner
- Window7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
- GPU 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor or equivalent
- 1024x768 video display, 32-bit color quality
- Windows-compatible sound card, speakers
- Windows-compatible mouse or infrared remote control
- 32 MB installation hard disk space

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